Voice Services

RMS Voice ServicesvoipsolutionsWe are an Internet Telephone Service Provider that strives to provide quality service. We do this by listening to your needs and provide solutions that you, the customer, can use.

you receive an alternative to traditional PBX systems as far as cost.

You receive powerful solutions with rich features, more than a traditional PBX system could offer.

We put the control back into the business owners’ hands with an easy to use windows based system that will allow you to make changes quickly and easily.

That professional image that only big corporations could afford can now be yours.

Our Voice Service Plans include on-site installation and support  unlimited calling, affordable PBX systems, and feature rich IP phones.

Get one account, get one bill, get support!

Advantages of IP PBX phone systems

Multiple Branch Offices
With VoIP, expanding your business phone system to multiple branch office sites is easy. Integrated IP Gateways allow you to traffic calls between offices over the Internet and save on long distance charges. Dialing branch offices is as easy as calling an extension down the hall. Make certain that your IP-PBX has an administration tool that simplifies the process of configuring IP gateways between remote systems.

Toll Bypass
IP-PBXs enable businesses to reduce the cost of long distance calling by routing calls inexpensively over IP networks. If you have overseas facilities, using an IP-PBX could reduce your business’s costs significantly.

Remote Office
Even if your business has a single remote office, an IP-PBX can give you the flexibility to pick an affordable solution. Purchasing a solution that allows for a small or large number of IP trunks might be right for you.

Work From Home
Vertical’s sophisticated IP-PBX software extends easily and seamlessly to your telecommuters, contractors, and consultants and makes them part of the corporate phone system.

The IP-PBX business phone systems are designed to meet the voice and data convergence requirements necessary to run your business. With its superior voice quality, the IP-PBXs can help your employees connect regardless of where they are physically located. Using a Voice-over-IP (VoIP) solutions can keep your employees connected with your customers and each other.