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techsupportWe implement and support Server and Cloud-Based Solutions for your business that allows for your business to use a central location to store and share files, applications, printers, and much more. Access your company resources on demand.

We offer network solutions to keep business running smoothly.

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From the beginning of a new project until the full implementation, we work side by side with you as an extension of your corporation. Relocating your network requires experienced project managers and resources, highly developed tools, and relentless attention to detail. Our IT services and comprehensive network relocation solutions provides all three.A total project management solution includes:Strategic planning,
Evaluation of existing and future requirements,
Project plan and budget development, recommend ations and solutions Implementation,
Relocation management, and pot-cut-over support.
Monitoring solutions which monitor your network components can give us alerts about your network ahead of time, so we can prevent problems rather than solve them. The break-fix approach is costly on all sides, you pay more and you lose valuable employee productive time. Call a today or send us an inquiry and we’ll be happy to customize a support package for your company.consultant One of the biggest pitfalls company’s deal with today is the vulnerability of their network. Network security encompasses more than making sure all the devices on the network have some form of security established. The most important clue in the security of your network is the user. We assist companies in designing and implementing IT security policies and procedures that will help you address the security concerns you may have.Network Stabilization projects are critical to the efficient operation of your IT infrastructure. These projects ensure that operating systems are up-to-date, network security is in place, and all systems are correctly configured.

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Improve efficiency
– Decrease down-time
– Decrease expense
– Increase productivityRMS Network Services provides
experienced IT consultants who
can provide maintenance, service, and support for all your IT systems.
IT consulting costs can be unpredictable and even overwhelming when your business takes a “break and fix” approach to IT management and maintenance. A managed service plan allows you to plan your IT budget in advance, while regular maintenance and monitoring minimize both cost and downtime. Most of our project include the following three  (3) components:Business Goal AnalysisHardware and Software AnalysisProject Plan and Execution
Every project is unique, but typical projects include:

  • Back-end system integration
  • Front office implementation
  • Network architecture design
  • Security review
  • Email deployment
  • Microsoft Windows 8 OS installation
  • Universal calendaring and other collaboration tools
  • Hardware procurement
  • Remote access tools